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Our custom-manufactured synthetic filter bags fit equipment such as Nutsche® Pressure Filters, which operate under either vacuum or pressure to separate liquids from solids. Our bags are usually made of POLYPROPYLENE, which is a woven fiber widely chosen for its high strength and excellent resistance to most acids and alkalis. Since its moisture absorption is virtually nil, POLYPROPYLENE is a good choice for separation applications where the liquid is the final product. Bags can be constructed either with a flange, as pictured here, or with a drape, according to your specifications. Seams are constructed using our exclusive "lock-stitch" resulting in durability and dependability.

We can also provide POLYPROPYLENE discs in any required size for your application.
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N/A Polypropylene

Construction Options

  1. With Drape
  2. With Flange

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We manufacture quality replacement fluid bed dryer bags, sleeves, skirts, chutes and sleeves for cartridge filter units, as well as centrifuge liners and bags. Kavon Filter Products Co. is an authorized distributor for Ahlstrom-Munksjö filter paper and we stock many commonly used filter papers.

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