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REEMAY® spunbonded polyester is a sheet structure of continuous filament polyester fibers that are randomly arranged, highly dispersed, and bonded at the filament junctions. The chemical and thermal properties of REEMAY® are essentially those of polyester fiber, and the product's spunbonded structure further endows it with an extraordinary combination of physical properties which gives it ready application in many areas of the filtration industry. Among the distinctive characteristics of REEMAY® are high tensile and tear strength, non-raveling edges, excellent dimensional stability, no media migration, good chemical resistance, and controlled arrestance and permeability. REEMAY® is produced with either straight or crimped polyester fibers which give the various product styles different filtration and other general performance properties. Crimped fibers yield softness, conformability, and greater porosity; straight fibers yield stiffness, tighter structure, and finer arrestance.

REEMAY® is FDA approved.

REEMAY® is a registered trademark of DuPont for its spunbonded polyester.
Unit of Measure

Fiber Type

N/A Straight

Denier Per Filament

N/A 2.2

Basis Weight oz/yd²

N/A 1.35

Thickness (mils)

N/A 10

Grab Tensile lbs MD x XD

N/A 32 x 30

Trap Tear lbs MD x XD

N/A 10 x 10

Mullen Burst psi

N/A 28

Air Perm cfm/ft² @ 0.5" H2O

N/A 525
% Efficiency In Air1 N/A 85
% Efficiency In Water2 N/A Due to various application and product configurations, please contact for more information.

Trilobal Fiber Dia.

N/A 16µ
  • 1 % Efficiency based on 8-10µ size particles.
  • 2 % Efficiency based on 50-60µ size particles.

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