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Because of its high abrasion resistance, nylon is used in filtration of abrasive dusts or wet abrasive solids at low temperatures. Nylon's good elasticity makes it ideal for conditions where continuous flexing takes place. This fabric is a good choice in wet filtration applications, at low temperatures and in an alkaline atmosphere, for example in dyestuffs. Fabrics of nylon provide excellent cake release.

HEAT RESISTANCE: At up to 260 ºF, nylon has reasonably good dry heat resistance. It is superior to acetate, modacrylic and saran, but most other synthetics are superior to it. Nylon performs adequately in moist heat temperatures ranging up to 225 ºF however its high initial tensile strength and abrasion resistance will make it a preferred choice in a number of applications.
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040-N N/A 25 CFM N/A Chain N/A Nylon Multifilament N/A Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters
KV375-N N/A 3.75 CFM N/A Plain N/A Spun N/A De-Waxing
83-N N/A 300 - 400 CFM N/A Mock Leno N/A Nylon Multifilament N/A Backing Cloth Rotary Drum Vacuum
209-N N/A N/A Knitted N/A Nylon 1/8” Opening Netting N/A Backing Cloth Rotary Drum Vacuum
05-N N/A 5 CFM N/A Satin N/A Nylon Multifilament N/A
48-N N/A 25 CFM N/A Satin N/A Nylon Multifilament N/A
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