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    Years of experience and expertise have led us to become a leading source for custom-manufactured filter products, including fluid bed dryer bags, sleeves, chutes, skirts, etc. Provide us with your sketch and measurements, or better yet, a sample, and we will exactly duplicate it using the highest quality filter media available. We make our custom products the old-fashioned way, with attention to detail. The result is a product that is consistent and dependable, yet cost effective and competitive.

    • Highest Quality Filter Cloth
    • Lint Free Cloth, With Traceability To Original Batch
    • Superior "Lock-Stitch" Seams
    • Heat-Sealed Fabric Edges
    • Triple-Layered, Reinforced Construction
    • Large Inventory of Fabric Styles
    • Quality Control - Each Product Fully Inspected
    • Labeling to Reduce Cross-Contamination
    • Technical Support
    • Full Service Repair Program
    We can provide any type of binding or fastening required; drawcord, elastic, spring, Velcro®, zippers, etc. according to your specifications. Latex edging can be applied to filter press cloths to improve sealing effect. Our custom-manufactured products are made in the USA.

  • Filter Cloth

    The most important considerations in choosing a fiber for filtration is the type of filtration and the environment in which filtration or dust collection will take place. The following should be taken into account:

    1. Type of Filtration: a) Air or, b) Liquid
    2. Heat Resistance
    3. Chemical Resistance
    4. Physical Properties
    Air Filtration - the most common objectives are purification (either incoming or outgoing) and recovery of a product. In some applications the two can be combined for beneficial results. Many installations made for purposes of air pollution control have resulted in the recovery of a usable product. For example, a smelting plant will recover valuable dust; a power plant collects fly ash, which is usable as an aggregate in concrete, etc.

    Liquid Filtration - the three main objectives are refining a product, recovering a product and clarifying the filtrate. Filter cloth qualities for liquid filtration would include the ability to prevent passage of a solid material, allow an even flow of liquid, resist plugging, and ease of filter cake removal.

    Our cloth is expertly and accurately cut and punched to your specifications at our facility. A latex border can be added to some fabrics for greater sealing performance during your process.

    Our experienced technicians can recommend the right cloth for your process.

  • Filter Paper

    Filtration is an important process applied to solids, liquids and gases. Byproducts and waste are now included in materials requiring filtration due to environmental protection compliances. As the field of filtration becomes broader and more sophisticated, so does the equipment and the filter media required to meet the demands. Greater technical expertise and experience are needed to accurately advise and select the correct filtration media for a specific process.

    The following are common physical properties of filter paper:

    • Rapidity-water flow rate
    • Retention-degree to which media removes fine particles
    • Basis Weight-weight in pounds of 500 sheets, 20" x 20"
    • Thickness-thousandths of an inch (mils)
    • Wet Strength-Burst
    • Surface-smooth or creped

    White filter papers are produced from bleached fibers of hardwood, soft wood, cotton or combinations, while tan or brown filter papers are manufactured from unbleached fibers. Both white and brown filter papers are available in smooth or crepe surfaces. These grades vary in basis weight, thickness and micron retention making them suitable for many different filtration processes. In producing die cut sheets of filter paper, a drawing showing specific detailed dimensions is used to assure high quality controls.

    Our experienced technicians can recommend the right filter paper for your process.

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We manufacture quality replacement fluid bed dryer bags, sleeves, skirts, chutes and sleeves for cartridge filter units, as well as centrifuge liners and bags. Kavon Filter Products Co. is an authorized distributor for Ahlstrom-Munksjö filter paper and we stock many commonly used filter papers.

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