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    Our custom-manufactured replacement fluid bed dryer bags are expertly crafted to make sure of the fit and durability. The high standards we set for the manufacture of our bags is in keeping with the strict compliance requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. To maximize product yield we use the highest quality CONDUCTIVE (Anti-Static) AND NON-CONDUCTIVE fabrics available to ensure our bag will exceed expectations. Our fabrics are lint-free and fully inspected, with date coding and traceability back to the original batch. Our bags are sewn using our exclusive "lock-stitch" which eliminates seam separation during the stress of processing.

    Our repair program extends the life of your fluid bed dryer bag. We will repair bags, whether ours or not, with the same quality and attention to detail that we give our new bags.

    We label our bags to include the date of manufacture and your product information to avoid cross-contamination. Our bags fit the equipment of virtually all of the OEM's, including Glatt, Niro-Aeromatic, Fitzpatrick, Vector, and Fluid-Air.

    Whether your equipment requires a Single Bag, a Two Bag/Split Shaker System or a Three or Four Bag/Split Shaker System, our quality replacement bags will save you time and significant money over the OEM!

    Attention Qualified Buyers!
    Free Repair, Measure & Quote Program
    Send us your bag and we will repair it, measure it and offer you an accurate quotation for replacement….all for free!
    Contact us to see if you qualify for this program.

  • Fluid Bed Mobile Bowl Cover

    Kavon Filter Products Co. understands how concerned pharmaceutical technicians are with avoiding product contamination. We make fabric covers to fit the bowl below your fluid bed dryer that catches your product for conveyance to the next processing step. Our covers are custom-made to your specification and are a cost-effective method in protecting your product after the drying process. Our covers are made of lightweight, non-conductive multifilament polyester fabric with either elastic shockcord or drawcord closures available. Simply provide us with the diameter of your bowl, and we will produce a cover that works for you.

  • Filter Sleeves, Socks & Mobile Bowl Covers

    Our custom-manufactured sleeves or socks are expertly crafted to make sure of the fit and durability. Our technicians designed an exclusive beaded band that ensures the perfect fit. No slippage results in higher yield and ease of use. Our high quality CONDUCTIVE (Anti-Static) AND NON-CONDUCTIVE fabrics are used in the manufacture of these sleeves, according to your specifications. Our sleeves are manufactured to fit most OEM’s, including Aero-Fielder and Diosna, just to name a few of the most commonly used machines.

  • Cartridge Filter for Fluid Bed Dryer Unit
  • Filter Connector Chutes, Skirts & Other Specialty Filters -1M

    Connector chutes and skirts are commonly used for mixers, blenders, milling and discharge applications. Provide us with your sketch and specs and we will manufacture the piece you need with accuracy and durability. Conductive (Anti-Static) and other types of fabrics are used, according to your requirements. Additionally, we offer a wide range of specialty filters for any application. Just provide us with your specs and measurements and we will produce the filter you need for your application.

  • Common Polyester Felt Dust Bag

    Our custom-manufactured dust bags commonly fit cage-type dust collector units such as Young, Mikropul, Flexclean and Hosokawa. We make our bags with high quality POLYESTER FELT in either 16 oz. or less often, 14 oz. weight. There are a number of different finishes available, depending on your application. You may require glazed, singed, or plain. NOMEX® material is also available for dust bags that are exposed to higher temperatures. Send us a sample bag and we will offer you a very competitive quotation for our high quality dust bags. Our most common dust bags are:

    • Pulse Jet Bags (Bottom Loader or Bottom Removal)
    • Pulse Jet Bags (Top Loader or Top Removal)
    • Shaker Design
    • Reverse Air Design
    Our bags are made right here in the USA with the same attention to detail that we give all of our custom-manufactured products.


    The centrifuge process is frequently conducted in an acidic environment. For this reason, POLYPROPYLENE, with its inherent resistance to acids, is widely used for the manufacture of centrifuge liners for bottom discharge centrifuges and centrifuge bags for top loading centrifuges. POLYESTER and NYLON are also available. Our liners and bags are constructed for maximum durability, resulting in a product that will last for many applications.

    The backing screen is available in either polyethylene or, traditionally, polypropylene, with a 1/4" mesh opening. This backing screen protects the cloth from the suction effect of the centrifuge operation, enabling the liquid to pass through the holes in the centrifuge with no obstruction. Centrifuge bags do not have the backing screen, but are constructed from the same materials, according to your application.

  • Centrifuge Bag <br> For Top Loading Centrifuge

    The centrifuge process is usually conducted in an acidic environment. For this reason, POLYPROPYLENE, with its inherent resistance to acids, is widely used for the manufacture of centrifuge liners for bottom discharge centrifuges and centrifuge bags for top loading centrifuges. POLYESTER and NYLON are also available. Our bags are constructed for maximum durability, resulting in a product that will last for many applications.

  • Plate & Frame Press Filters

    Plate and Frame Press operations use pressure to separate solids and liquids. Liquid clarification or cake recovery is the goal of the Plate and Frame Press Operation. We provide high quality pre-punched Filter Paper or Filter Cloth pre-punched with drape over, according to your specifications. Whether you need single sheets or filter press packs, we can provide you with the quality filter media for your specific operation. Choose the Filter Paper or Filter Cloth that best suits your requirements from our wide variety of styles and grades available.

    Latex can be applied to the plate and frame press cloths to further enhance the sealing or gasketing effect.

    Contact our technicians who can advise you on the best media for your application. Look for our selection of Filter Circles for Sparkler, Niagara & Star Presses.

  • Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters

    The rotary drum vacuum filter has been a workhorse of the chemical process industry for many years. These large rotating drums are used to separate liquids and solids of all kinds. Half of the drum is submerged in the slurry, with the other half above it. The Filter Cloth or belt winds around the drum and as the drum rotates, the slurry is sucked into the cloth. As the drum rotates out of the slurry, the cake is dried by the vacuum pressure applied to the exposed section of the drum. The dried cake is discharged as the drum continues its rotation. We provide Filter Cloth in rolls or sheets cut to your specifications for rotary drum vacuum equipment of all types and models. Our quality Filter Cloth withstands the rigorous scraping process used to remove the dried cake. The type of cloth used depends on the material being processed.We also offer a knitted nylon backing fabric that can used underneath the top cloth to provide a cushion and stability for the cloth as it moves through the Rotary Drum process. Browse through our Filter Cloth to determine which cloth would best suit your operation based on the properties and characteristics listed. Or, consult our expert technicians to see which cloth would work best in your application.

  • Screens to Fit Kason® Equipment

    Sifting is a process found in the manufacture of an enormous variety of products, including foods and grains, pharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical processes. We custom-manufacture synthetic screens with Cotton bands to fit Kason® cages, as well as those of other sifter equipment manufacturers. We use Cotton in the bands, because it is a coarse fabric, which provides a good foundation for the clamp to seal it to the cage during the sifting process. We have a wide variety of synthetic Mesh available, depending on your process requirements. Our technicians can help you choose the right Filter Cloth for your application. Kavon filter screens are Made in the USA with the same quality and dependability as our other fine filtration products.

  • Filter Bags to Fit Nutsche Pressure Vacuum Equipment

    Our custom-manufactured synthetic filter bags fit equipment such as Nutsche® Pressure Filters, which operate under either vacuum or pressure to separate liquids from solids. Our bags are usually made of POLYPROPYLENE, which is a woven fiber widely chosen for its high strength and excellent resistance to most acids and alkalis. Since its moisture absorption is virtually nil, POLYPROPYLENE is a good choice for separation applications where the liquid is the final product. Bags can be constructed either with a flange, as pictured here, or with a drape, according to your specifications. Seams are constructed using our exclusive "lock-stitch" resulting in durability and dependability.

    We can also provide POLYPROPYLENE discs in any required size for your application.

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