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Centrifuge Liners

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The centrifuge process is frequently conducted in an acidic environment. For this reason, POLYPROPYLENE, with its inherent resistance to acids, is widely used for the manufacture of centrifuge liners for bottom discharge centrifuges and centrifuge bags for top loading centrifuges. POLYESTER and NYLON are also available. Our liners and bags are constructed for maximum durability, resulting in a product that will last for many applications.

The backing screen is available in either polyethylene or, traditionally, polypropylene, with a 1/4" mesh opening. This backing screen protects the cloth from the suction effect of the centrifuge operation, enabling the liquid to pass through the holes in the centrifuge with no obstruction. Centrifuge bags do not have the backing screen, but are constructed from the same materials, according to your application.


Centrifuge Liner Measuring Guide
(PDF, 341KB)

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